Living Wills

Everyone who does not wish to be kept alive by artificial means after they have been determined by doctors to have a terminal illness or injury from which they cannot recover should have a Living Will.

 A Living Will tells a person’s doctors and family that it is their request that they should only receive the necessary medical care to keep them comfortable after their own doctors have determined that they are terminally ill and cannot recover. A good Living Will states a person’s requests about the medical treatment that they wish to receive (and describes in detail the medical treatment that they do not wish to receive) at the time of their last illness and impending death.

A Living Will can reduce conflict for your family about your wishes and allows your family to have peace of mind knowing that you, yourself determined the medical care that you were to receive at the end of your life.

Nancy L. Miller and Mark C. Miller have written many, many hundreds of Living Wills.

We often hear back from the family of our late clients, telling us how relieved the family was to know that their relative made their own decisions in writing, in advance, about the care they wanted at the end of their life.

A living will should be included in your estate planning.