What should I do if I have been in an accident?

First of all, call us: 301-868-2350

If you have been in a car accident or any other kind of accident that has caused you to suffer personal injuries, call us as soon as possible.  We are experienced personal injury attorneys, we will help you every step of the way and will provide you with the information that will you need to get through this difficult time.  An accident that causes personal injury can be a traumatic experience, whether the injuries were caused by car accidents,  truck accidents,  bus accidents or motorcycle accidents.  We can provide you with the information that you need, and will represent you when the insurance company calls. Generally, you do not want to speak to insurance company representatives without first calling us. We will assist you in these very complicated matters. There are many law firms that claim to specialize in car accident cases.  Be sure to hire the law firm that has lawyers that handle your case, not just paralegals.

We will not charge you to discuss your personal injury or wrongful death case, call us to receive a Free Legal Consultation regarding your case involving injuries or wrongful death.

 If you are too badly injured to come in to our law offices in Clinton, Maryland, we will come to see you.

 You should call us prior to speaking to anyone with any insurance company.

If they call, tell them that you are represented by an attorney. 

Then call us as soon as possible at 301-868-2350.


If I am still at the scene of the accident, what should I do?  

First, and most importantly, help anyone who has been injured to the best of your ability as long as you can do so without causing further injury.

Call 911 as soon as possible and wait for the police and/or ambulance to arrive.

Do not leave the scene before the police and/or ambulance arrive unless it is necessary to do so to get medical help.

Take the necessary steps to make sure that you are safe from further collisions, and that your vehicle is not presenting a hazard to other motorists. 

Take photographs of the accident. You can usually use your phone to take the pictures, if you can safely do so and have one available. We suggest that you not only take photos of the position of the motor vehicles involved in the accident, but also of the damage to each vehicle and of the driver of each vehicle. When exchanging information with the other parties involved, in addition to writing down all of the relevant information (names, addresses, telephone numbers, insurance companies, insurance company policy number), snap a photo of their motor vehicle registration card, their driver’s license, and their insurance card, if at all possible.

Get the names, address and telephone number of any witnesses.


Am I entitled to be compensated for my injuries?

Yes, of course. If you have been injured as a result of the negligent acts of another through no fault of your own, you are entitled to compensation. We will help you seek that compensation. You are entitled to be compensated for the losses that you suffered as a result of the at-fault party’s negligence. You are entitled to reimbursement for your medical bills incurred to treat the injuries sustained, the wages you may have lost as a result of missing time from your employment after the accident, and for the pain and suffering you have endured as a result of the accident. 


Who is responsible to pay me for the losses I have suffered as a result of the negligence of another ?

The person whose negligence caused your injuries is responsible to pay for the damages you suffered as a result of their negligence. (And sometimes it is a company, if a company or a commercial vehicle is involved in the accident or incident that gave rise to your injuries.)  In some instances, a person who does not have their own insurance may be covered by another person’s insurance policy.  Additionally, if the at fault party was working for their employer at the time of the accident, the employer’s insurance may cover the accident or incident.

Recovery from the party who is at fault should occur when the at-fault party has assets or insurance. Unfortunately, many times the insurance company that should cover the injuries or wrongful death denies that their insured party is at fault. Sometimes they deny that the injured person has been injured as claimed. Sometimes they try to claim that the accident isn’t covered by the insurance policy, and often they make an offer to settle the claim for an amount far too small to adequately compensate the injured party. 

If your own an automobile, or are a member of a household that has a motor vehicle, you may be covered by insurance even if the at-fault driver does not have insurance to cover your injuries, or does not have sufficient insurance. Truck accidents and bus accidents frequently involve commercial insurance policies that cover the damages.

If you have been in an accident and have suffered injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence, you should hire a law firm that specializes in these matters to represent you. We will be glad to see you at our law offices in Clinton, Maryland for a free consultation about your case. If you are too badly injured to come to our office, we will come to see you in your home or at the hospital.

It is very important to seek the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney to determine the existence of insurance or other assets that may be available to satisfy your claim. 

If your own an automobile or truck, or are a member of a household that has a motor vehicle, you may also be covered by Personal Injury Protection insurance, known as PIP coverage.  Personal Injury Protection insurance often covers at least some of your medical bills and lost wages. We will help you collect your PIP benefits, as well.

When you meet with us, be sure to bring  a copy of your car insurance policy, including the “Declaration Page,” (the page that has the coverages you have listed by item), so that we can let you know what to expect from your own insurance company, in addition to what to expect from the insurance company that insures the person who caused you to suffer damages.