Sexual assault is more of a widespread issue than one might think. According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), an American is sexually assaulted every 73 seconds. Survivors of these attacks have often been too afraid or too ashamed to report them, and many are not believed when they do or are pressured to keep quiet about it.

Fortunately, the MeToo movement brought a tidal wave of women (and some men) forward to share their painful experiences of sexual assault and harassment. Those brave enough to come forward have inspired other survivors of sexual assault and harassment to share their personal stories and speak out against sexual abuse as well. As a result of this culture shift, perpetrators of sexual abuse can no longer count on their accusers’ stories being discredited or being protected by cover-ups from those in power.

Victims of sexual assault have rights and the criminal courts are not the only place where they can seek justice. If you’ve been the victim of a sexual assault, we will fight to make sure you’re fully compensated for the physical and emotional damages caused by the attack. We not only help our clients hold individuals accountable persons, but we also seek restorative justice from the institutions, organizations, and property owners who turn a blind eye or try to cover up the attacks or who fail to take the proper safety measures to protect people from this type of assault. We believe that women should be heard, respected and protected from sexual abuse.

If you chose to call us, please know that any and all communications with us will be totally confidential. Once we have evaluated your case and advised you of your potential options, you will remain in total control of the decision to move forward with your claim.

We Advocate for Victims of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault claims can arise in a variety of contexts. We typically handle cases that involve the following scenarios:

  • Workplace assaults and sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a common problem in the workplace. It’s often facilitated by the power structure inherent in the workplace and the amount of time we spend at work. However, sexual harassment is illegal and can create a hostile work environment. It can also sometimes lead to sexual assault.
  • Schools and daycare providers. Colleges, grade schools and childcare facilities are filled with vulnerable children and young adults. Far too often, these are also places where sexual assault can occur at the hands of a trusted teacher, coach or camp counselor, who takes advantage of their position of power over vulnerable minors.
  • Doctors and other healthcare professionals. Sexual harassment and assault can also occur in environments such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, physical therapy facilities, nursing homes and mental health institutions. These healthcare facilities and practitioners have a duty to ensure the safety of those in their care. Unfortunately, some healthcare providers abuse patients or former patient by exploiting their victim’s emotional or physical dependency and manipulating their trust.
  • Property owners. Property owners who own hotels, apartment buildings, and restaurants have a legal duty to put the necessary safeguards in place to prevent their guests and tenants from being sexually assaulted on their property. If they’re negligent in their supervision or hiring of their employees or they fail to take reasonable, common-sense security measures needed to prevent sexual assaults, they can be held responsible.

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At the Law Office of Nancy Miller and Mark Miller, we believe no one is above the law, and that no position of power should protect someone from being held accountable. If you believe you may have a claim, contact us to schedule an appointment with a Maryland sexual assault attorney for a free consultation today.

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